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My name is David E. Wheeler, and this is my Perl and database blog. I’ve been hacking Perl since 1995, when I first started programming. Perl was my first language, and still my favorite.

I’ve been hacking databases since 1997, when I started messing around with FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Access. Since 2001, I’ve focused primarily on PostgreSQL, for which I have developed PGXN, a CPAN-like service for distributing extensions; pgTAP, a unit testing framework; and Sqitch, a database schema change management app

More recently, I’ve been working on Sqitch, a database schema change management app for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, Vertica, and Firebird.

I’m @theory on Twitter.

œYou can hire me to hack Perl and PostgreSQL via my consulting firm, PostgreSQL Experts.

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